Technology Due Diligence

A large electric cooperative tasked Charted Energy with evaluating energy storage as an option to reducing their overall cost of wholesale electric supply and with developing a strategy to implement a solution.

The project required characterization of several elements:

  • Detailed understanding of the customer’s load;
  • Modeling the effect of deploying energy storage within the customer’s electric cost structure;
  • Financial structuring to develop lifecycle cost estimates over the 20-year life of the energy storage asset;
  • Assessment of energy storage products with sufficient technical maturity and demonstrated safety record to fall within the customer’s risk parameter; and
  • Develop a project plan to implement the recommended solution.

Charted Energy was able to develop a viable solution that delivered power at a cost of less than 80% of the customer’s alternative cost of supply.

Market Validation

A global provider of alternative fuels hired Charted Energy to assess the North America market for their services. The scope required market research with a large number of fleet owners and operators to determine customer needs and to benchmark the customer’s value proposition against the offerings of established competitors.

Through the market validation project, Charted Energy determined that portions of the addressable market that had been studied would be uneconomical given cost and technological limitations. However, Charted Energy was able to identify market segments that were outside the original scope for which the customer’s offering was best-in-class.

Energy Cost Management

A fleet operator that had recently built a compressed natural gas fueling station hired Charted Energy to develop strategies to reduce their natural gas cost.

Charted Energy determined that the primary component of the gas cost that could be controlled was the local utility’s delivery cost. Charted Energy identified a strategy to source gas from outside the gas utility’s service territory and deliver it to the fueling station without using the utility distribution system. The strategy resulted in 25% savings to the customer.  •  (888) 697 8860